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"Let's Clear It Up" (60 min.)

A Treatment focusing on alleviating the stubborn breakouts caused by bacteria and excess oils.                     

Great for clients struggling with acne.


"Quench Me" (60 min.)

This facial penetrates deep layers of the skin with water-rich properties, while locking the moisture                        

in leaving you with a supple glow.


"The Glow Up" (60 min.)

This enzyme based facial exfoliates the skin by breaking down keratin proteins that cling to dead                             

skin cells, allowing them to slough off gently and has you feeling revitalized.


"Glow and Go" (30min.)

An express facial that is perfect for gentlemen, teens, or just a lunch break 'pick me up'.                                           


"Microdermabrasion" (45 min.)

A mechanical exfoliation that reduces acne scarring, signs of aging, and evens texture.                                            


"Custom Facial" (approx. 60-90 min.)

This treatment is designed to be customized to address any specific concerns in regards to your                        

skin you may have. We will discuss treatment options in-depth to provide a specialized treatment                          

that is just for you.


"The 'A-peeling' You" (45 min.)

A chemical peel tailored to your specific skin type. (Must have had 1 facial prior to booking a                                  

chemical peel service.)

"Dermaplane Facial" (60 min.)

The highest form of exfoliation offered; leaving the skin soft, supple, free of peach fuzz, and                                   

rid of dullness






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What is Sugaring?....

Sugaring Hair removal is a method similar to waxing. However, we use a paste composed of sugar, lemon, citric acid, and water. The paste can be applied to essentially any part of the body. Sugaring is a much better option for sensitive skin types. Not only does it reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs, but it also exfoliates the skin at the same time; compared to waxing that removes live skin cells and can be damaging to the skin. Most clients experience less pain compared to waxing

Brow Sugar                               $25


Upper Lip                                   $12


Chin                                            $13


Cheeks                                      $30


Full Face                                   $55

Underarm                                  $25


Chest                                         $30


Stomach                                     $15


Full Back                                   $80


Standard Bikini                        $50

Extended Bikini                       $60


Brazilian                                     $70


Booty                                         $25


Half Leg                                    $60


Full Leg                                     $90


Brow Wax                                 $25


Upper Lip                                   $12


Chin                                            $13


Nose                                           $15


Ears                                             $15


Lash Lift

Lash Tint




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